NEWSTo keep you updated through our Blog, where you can read up on the artisans, the work we do, fun events, travel to the field, sustainable solutions and related articles. You can also watch videos, including journeys and our work in the Amazon, as well as fashion, beauty, nature, culture, art and the environment. Enjoy looking through the Photo Journal with photos from our first trip to work with the Cofán artisans in the Ecuadorian Amazon to now… so you can come along on the journey.



Our mission is to create sustainable and viable solutions in partnership with indigenous artisans and communities while bringing you beautiful bohemian jewelry and fashion.


We are dedicated to bringing you unique fashion and creating sustainable economies through the power of design, which help protect the Amazon rainforest and its cultures.


Eco fashion, also called sustainable fashion, is a design philosophy that focuses on the entire lifespan of a product, including its carbon footprint and social impact.


Eco Jewelry refers to jewelry that uses sustainable resources, recycled and upcycled materials, using ethical practices that respect people and planet.

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