Our Mission is to create sustainable and viable solutions in partnership with indigenous artisans and communities through their traditional artistry and ancestral culture, while bringing you beautiful boho luxury fashion, handmade by highly skilled Amazon artisans.

  • Bring you unique, high quality fashion.
  • Create beautiful sustainable alternatives for fashion that are made ethically  and cruelty free.
  • Develop sustainable and viable solutions in partnership with indigenous artisans and communities through their traditional artistry and ancestral culture.
  • Respect the right of self-determination of indigenous communities, their culture and belief system.
  • Promote sustainable development that protects the Amazon rainforest & its cultures.
  • Practice fair trade and profit sharing with artisan associations and communities to ensure a sustainable economy for the stewards of the forests.
  • Focus on the use of rainforest materials and traditional skills that the artisans have mastered.
  • Develop products fully made in the Amazon rainforest to create added value and income beneficial to the artisans and their communities, rather than simply sell their raw materials.
  • Make products that are free of metals or other mined  minerals, with the exception of green or recycled silver and gold for designs that require metals.
  • Bring authentic, high quality Amazon rainforest products to the world market.


Our Work



  • Assess a community’s strengths and traditional livelihood to jointly develop a sustainable industry based on their traditional artistry.
  • Where necessary, set up traditionally built facilities for artisans to have a place to develop and produce their goods.
  • Work with indigenous Amazon artisans to develop products and open markets that generate a sustainable economy for the communities, while protecting their culture and rainforests.
  • Design and develop products based on their traditional arts and local materials.
  • Focus on quality and production to ensure consistency and mastery.
  • Focus on business and marketing tools to support artisans run their own businesses independently.
  • Train in computer and internet.
  • Supply communities with materials, laptops, internet, electricity through sustainable sources, etc., where needed and available.
  • Fund production of goods.
  • Connect with luxury markets and designers looking to source the artisans’ work for their collections.
  • Exhibit and sell collections and traditional goods through wholesale, retail and our online Shop.
  • Pay artisans fair wages, as well as use profits from the sale of goods for artisans’ projects, addressing their needs to ensure their success and their communities.
  • Support artisans and youth in continuing to cultivate their arts and culture.
  • Promote the protection of indigenous Amazon culture and the rainforest within the communities, domestically and abroad.
  • Share sustainable solutions that harmonize with indigenous Amazon culture to enhance their way of life and address a community’s needs: electricity, drinking water, education, building techniques, communication technology, etc.


  • All our finished products are handmade in the Amazon with sustainable rainforest materials.
  • The artisans we work with ensure that they protect their forests in order to have a continual cycle of resources by harvesting only what they need and planting when necessary.
  • We use only FSC approved and/or 100% recycled and post-consumer paper resources for printed materials, including packaging and mailing.
  • We use plant-based inks in all our printed materials.
  • We encourage our customers to save digital copies of invoices and electronic correspondence instead of printing.
  • We use plant-based clear bags to ship products to customers and wholesale accounts.
  • We reuse, recycle and upcycle accordingly, and encourage our customers and accounts to do the same.
  • We are a Gold Certified Green America member.
  • Our website is hosted by Canvas Host, a greener hosting service powered by wind energy.
  • Our store, the Sage & the Butterfly in Idyllwild, CA, is powered 100% by wind energy through partner Arcadia Power.

Arcadia Power Wind Energy Partner                  Sustainable Web Hosting by Canvas Dreams

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