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Kango Beaded Bracelet Narrow


Kango Beaded Bracelet Narrow KBN1014
Price: 32 USD

THE KANGO BEADED BRACELET Narrow Wear this uniquely beautiful boho chic bracelet that mixes a loosely knitted pattern with seeds. Wear this eco bracelet for day or night. Handmade with kangopacho (tuju) and chichao seeds, strung with chambira plant fiber by the Asociación Sukû Cofán artisans in the Ecuadorian Amazon. An elaborate and beautiful beaded jewelry design created by designer Violeta Villacorta in collaboration with Cofán artisans, inspired by their traditional artistry.

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• Kangopacho and Chichao Seeds
• Chambira plant fiber
• Band 2" wide
• Pull-strings slide through a chichao seed for easy on/off

• Handmade by Asociación Sukû Artisans
• Imported: Ecuadorian Amazon

• Organic
• Vegan
• Metal Free
• Eco jewelry
• Earth friendly fashion

See Care Instructions to ensure their luster shines through and wearable art pieces are cared for properly.

The talented artisans who create these exquisite pieces of wearable art have a strong spiritual connection with mother nature, they live in remote areas of the rainforest and it brings them joy to share their artistry with the world, while making an honorable living from their traditional craft. You will feel the powerful energy of the rainforest in every piece you wear.

Adornment connects us to something higher. It honors the beauty of Earth and power of Nature." Designer Violeta Villacorta

ORG by vio® works in partnership with indigenous Amazon artisans to promote their culture, artistry and develop collections of handmade jewelry, accessories
and eco fashion using plant materials, as a source for a sustainable economy for the stewards of the forests.

Your purchase of our exquisite Amazon beaded jewelry and accessories supports our work with indigenous Amazon artisans and communities, aimed at cultivating their artistry while generating a sustainable economy, so they remain in their land as protectors of the rainforest: the lungs of our planet and global climate regulator… AND it is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe straight from the Amazon!

All our goods are fairly traded and profits are shared with artisans and producing communities through tools, trainings and projects that address their needs to ensure their success.


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Kango Beaded Bracelet Narrow Kango Beaded Bracelet Narrow


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BOHO CHIC ORG by vio brings you bohemian jewelry for the gypsetter in you. Boho jewelry, boho chic fashion and eco-friendly jewelry handmade by artisans from the Amazon Rainforest for planet lovers who live, love, play and work around the world.

FAIR TRADE & MORE All of our jewelry, accessories and wearable art pieces are fairly traded. We also share profits with artisans through projects that address their needs to ensure their success. We’re saving the Amazon one seed at a time.

WE PARTNER with indigenous Amazon communities, the stewards of the forests, who come to us to promote their arts and generate a sustainable economy. Amazon Boho Chic Eco Jewelry for the Love of People, Planet & Culture. Thank you for shopping at ORG by vio.

All designs are the property of ORG by vio® and the artisans that create them. Copyright infringement will trigger action to the full extent of the law to protect the work of the artisans ORG by vio® works with.

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