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Enchanted Fields Album


Enchanted Fields Album WVM07842
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ENCHANTED FIELDS is a melange of sounds from around the globe – Latin, Middle Eastern, Indian, and contemporary music elements – with a voice that bridges the dance rhythms that drive the music, and lyrics that convey tranquilizing inebriation. Scroll down to listen to the tracks.

When designer Violeta Villacorta finds extra time, she enjoys making music, lending her voice to music projects. Her CD entitled Enchanted Fields is a mixture of musical elements from around the globe as well as contemporary influences. It is a work of joy and introspective reflection with lyrics that reflect on life an nature - in titles such as Fly, The Magic That You Are - and culture with Ai Aäh, Aiyo Kulen and Wake Up.

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Your purchase of Enchanted Fields supports ORG by vio’s work in collaboration with indigenous artisans and communities in the Amazon on creative design projects to promote their arts and crafts, by incorporating their millenary work into contemporary designs, as a means to generate a sustainable economy for the stewards of the most biodiverse ecosystem."

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In Enchanted Fields she is accompanied by outstanding musicians such as the late renown sitarist Rahul Sakyaputra, Bombay music industry acclaimed tabla artist Ramesh Kumar, Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas on drums, percussion and percussive effects, Paul Livingstone on sitar (2 tracks), Daniel Seeff on bass and electric guitar who also co-wrote the music on ‘Fly’, Cindy Harding on wind instruments and percussive effects, guitarist/composer Ciro Hurtado who also produced and arranged seven tracks, with the participation of artist Solar Power producer and co-author of the electronic dance mixes in the album, and Kenny Negrete co-author and producer of the track ‘Murmur’ with the participation of Ariel Albornoz on electric guitar.

Violeta can also be heard throughout the film The Highest Pass where she sang on Narayan Call among other titles featured in the film’s soundtrack. She co-wrote and performed “Estoy” in The Latin Project‘s debut album under Electric Monkey Records (2003).

We invite you to add Violeta Radio & Enchanted Fields on Pandora for an eclectic mix of music from around the globe… from Indian sitar mixed with electronica drum and base to house and dubstep mixed with world elements. Enjoy the Listen!

One of the TOP BEST 25 CDs reviewed in Music Connection.

A compelling blend of world beat sounds and drum & base textures comes from this Peruvian solo artist whose voice is strong, warm and enveloping. “Wakeup Mix” is a d&b pop vocal that combines DJ Cheb I Sabba-like sonics and organic world music flavors (tabla) to nice effect. “Nanase” has sitar throughout and an intoxicating vocal. “The Magic That You Are” could be the best track here, especially in the vocals, which contribute to the hypnotic spell and cements the inviting, all-inclusive new age message of this CD." Music Connection

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