What is Eco fashion?Eco fashion, also called sustainable fashion, is a design philosophy that has been growing through the years. Focusing on environmental and socially responsible practices, it encompasses the entire lifespan of a product, including its carbon footprint and social impact.

Designers and fashion companies in the eco fashion movement, as well as mainstream enterprises, have introduced sustainable materials, renewable resources and socially responsible systems to ensure we minimize the negative impacts of producing goods. Seen as a growing trend, it will have to be the way of doing business, if we are to flourish on this planet. As consumers we can also support these efforts by buying products from socially and environmentally conscious companies, while reducing our overall consumption, choosing to invest in products that are durable and timeless, as well as beautifully designed.

For ORG by vio, Eco fashion also means working in fragile areas of the Amazon rainforest. We focus on this area, because the Amazon rainforest is the lungs of our planet and is home to countless plant and animal species. It continues to be exploited for its resources, disrupting native communities that have inhabited and protected these rich forests for centuries. We work with artisans from one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, to learn from their sustainable way of life and traditional artistry, while bringing you their timeless earth friendly fashion.

“The Amazon is of vital everyday importance for every single one of us on the planet. Without it, it does not work very well.” Bill McKibben, Environmentalist and Founder of 350.org

For as long as human beings have existed, the practice of body adornment has represented symbols of status, membership, and beauty. For thousands of years, body painting, decoration and personal adornment with sustainable jewelry have carried deep spiritual significance irrespective of religion, race or culture.

To many indigenous communities around the world, eco jewelry and adornment of the body are steeped in cultural significance. These beautiful, organic traditions are not just a means of artistic expression. They are vital symbols of culture, history, and a connection to Mother Earth. The context and designs vary from place to place, but invariably the use of earth pigments to color the body is indicative of an intricate relationship between human beings and the environment. In addition to symbolizing cultural heritage, indigenous jewelry and adornment handcrafted by talented indigenous artisans around the world is also a means of empowering communities and creating sustainable livelihoods while creating beautiful, handcrafted natural rainforest accessories.

The preservation of indigenous communities and their way of living is imperative to a world where life is sustainable. ORG by vio is dedicated to the self-empowerment of indigenous peoples and the preservation of world ethnic cultures. At ORG by vio, we understand that fashion is part of our everyday lives and we also have the power to become changemakers in making conscious purchases that benefit both people and planet.

ORG by vio brings you unique natural rainforest accessories that also make a positive social and environmental impact on the indigenous communities that produce these exquisite handcrafted pieces.  All of our goods are designed and created in order to support sustainable livelihoods for the talented artisans who make the jewelry and their communities. It brings together producers, brands, communities and conscious shoppers from a rich global community – for whom fast and throwaway fashion is no longer acceptable.

As we make everyday choices that are better for the world, we can collectively create a shift. “Conscious consumerism” is the future, as people look for meaning behind their purchases.” Violeta Villacorta


Conscious consumers may also be referred to as “product ambassadors”, “cultural creatives”, “enlightened customers.” However they may be referred to as,  for us the conscious consumer, they are empowered people who are fashionably forward, steadfast in their conscious lifestyle values and understand that they have the purchasing power to make a difference in this world.  ORG by vio redefines where great fashion – and talented artisans can come from – while empowering communities, through education initiatives and programs that promote the beautiful handicrafts produced throughout Latin America, particularly the Amazon.


Consumers are increasingly interested in the world that lies behind the product they buy. Apart from price and quality, they want to know how, where and by whom the product has been produced. This increasing awareness about environmental and social issues is a sign of hope. Governments and industry must build on that.”  Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

documentary, a look at the fashion industry’s impact on people and the environment.

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