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ORG BY VIO featured in The Cultural Curator’s Nasty Women article on designer Violeta Villacorta
I initially struggled with under what “heading” to include this interview, since I love ORG BY VIO as a company, but admire Violeta (“Vio”) Villacorta as a strong & resilient women equally so. Ultimately, I decided to feature Vio amongst the “Nasty Women” collective, but I encourage you to visit her websites and explore more of her beautiful line of accessories. Read the feature here.



Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic List of Hottest 20 Eco Brands in Los Angeles, CA
ORG by vio has been featured as one of the hottest eco brands on the Virgin Atlantic blog. See the full list that made the cut as the hottest eco brands in LA.

ORG by vio Boho Jewelry, Violeta Villacorta & Amazon artisans article on HuffPost StyleHuffington Post article “Boho Chic Jewelry Bridges Amazonian and Urban Jungles
Peruvian-born clothing designer Violeta Villacorta has been focusing on sustainable design since 1993. National and international magazines and the MOCA Geffen Museum in Los Angeles have showcased her signature bohemian eco-clothing collection, and she has dressed luminaries in the music and film industries. With ORG by vio, she combines her love for design, fine handcrafted adornment, the environment and indigenous culture by working in collaboration with Amazonian rainforest artisans. Read article here.

Organic Spa Magazine features ORG by vio Boho Jewelry by Zoe HeleneOrganic Spa Magazine article on ORG by vio Wearable Art
Style: Wearable Art. Creative collaboration with indigenous women in Peru helps preserve the Amazon. Read it here, here and here.

ECO FASHION TALK Sass Brown features ORG by vioSass Brown author of Eco Fashion and her new book Refashioned blogs about ORG by vio on Eco Fashion Talk
ORG by vio create beautiful, bohemian, eco-friendly jewelry, accessories, and clothing, handmade by indigenous Amazonian artisans. Developing designer collections in partnership directly with the artisans, the ORG by vio collection is made from natural rainforest materials including, nuts, seeds fiber and natural rubber.  More here.

Stewart+Brown brand UpRighter feature: ORG by vio Boho Jewelry Designer Violeta VillacortaStewart + Brown eco fashion brand features UpRighter and ORG by vio Designer Violeta Villacorta
Stewart+Brown has selected a few outstanding people, whom we like to call UpRighters, who’s sense of passion and purpose is contagious and inspiring. An UpRighter is someone who is selfless, philanthropic, eco-conscious and is an all around, gosh-darn good person who only wants to do “the right thing”. Read the interview at S+B and here.

HeArt Magazine Features ORG by vio Boho Jewelry and Eco Fashion Designer Violeta VillacortaHeArt Magazine article on ORG by vio & Eco Fashion Designer Violeta Villacorta
Read the article with 22 pages of photographs featuring ORG by vio boho jewelry handmade by partner artisans from the Amazon rainforest and Violeta Villacorta eco fashion clothing.


Fair Trade Fashion Update: ORG by vio®
When it comes to sustainable fashion, Fair Trade is the way to go. First, you support local workers—mostly women—who are preserving traditional handiwork in impoverished countries. Second, you circumvent the Big Fashion machine that often enslaves said workers. And third, you find beautiful pieces that are as unique as they are authentic. A few fair trade projects are on our radar right now. ORG by vio® is an amazing partnership with indigenous Amazon artisans forged by Peruvian eco-design visionary Violetta Villacorta, which yields ridiculously gorgeous wearable art. We’re especially obsessed with the Enkepa beaded necklaces, which are equally striking worn with jeans or an evening dress.

Hand-made Thursdays: ORG by vio® works in partnership with indigenous Amazon artisans and Violeta Villacorta articles. Designer Violeta Villacorta‘s personal mission is love of people, planet & culture. As a fashion designer, Villacorta’s custom, hand-made clothing has been featured in national and international magazines. Forever multi-tasking, Villacorta has also been employed by other companies, including working as senior designer at Patagonia for six years. Then, in 2010, Villacorta began working with indigenous Amazon artisans on creative design collaborations to promote their culture, arts and crafts, and started ORG by vio®.

July/August 2012 issue Editor’s Picks: Jet Set in Sustainable Style
Beautifully handcrafted by Awajún artisans from the Peruvian Amazon, the Enkepa necklace is a traditional design made entirely with rainforest seeds, and a stunning statement for hot summer nights.
January/February 2011 issue page 100: Journey into the Amazon
Designer Violeta Villacorta travels to the Amazon to start her work with the talented indigenous Amazon artisans and so embarks in a life mission.

Up-and-Coming Fashion Designers at Designers & Agents
Over 20 years ago, Violeta Villacorta made her first garment. Today, “Rustic Elegance,” as the Peruvian native describes her designs, is a world-renowned sensation. Villacorta uses natural and organic materials—including fine linen, raw silk, and straw—to create timeless pieces that draw from international influences, heavily influenced by Villacorta’s observations while living in New York City. She shows her new brand ORG by vio® in partnership with indigenous Amazon artisans at Designers & Agents.

Violeta Villacorta ORG by vio in Vanguardia magazine. Violeta Villacorta ORG by vio en revista Vanguardia.Tendencias: Joyería – Semillas Que Venden Glamour in Vanguardia magazine June 3-9, 2013 issue
The Ecuadorian magazine Vanguardia did an article on designer Violeta Villacorta and ORG by vio’s work with Amazon artisans in Ecuador and Perú. The article’s coverage coincides with an exhibit of ORG by vio in Quito, Ecuador, at La Cuchara de San Marcos from June 5 through July 5. Read the article in Press page.

Burners Without Borders Features Awajún AMARNO Satnet Project
ORG by vio’s artisan partners are spearheading a project to install satellite internet to help their community’s sustainable future by creating an alternative to the sale of rainforest trees. ORG by vio has been working since 2011 with the talented Awajún women artisans that handcraft some of the beautiful jewelry and accessories that are carried on the online store, to help their families and community. The AMARNO artisans have partnered with ORG by vio, Groundwork Opportunities Organization, and Ecotribal to fundraise for the AMARNO Satnet Project.

SocialEarthPositively Impacting the Amazon Through Organic Rainforest Goods
This month we are featuring Violeta Villacorta from ORG by vio®. We talked to her about her entrepreneurial journey and future plans.

ORG by vio Featured Entrepreneur on EnnoventInnovations for Sustainability: Featured Entrepreneur ORG by vio
As a new initiative in 2013, every fortnight we will be featuring one of our own – an Ennovent Network member who is creating a strong positive impact within the communities they work. We aim to celebrate the achievements of these entrepreneurs and discover new opportunities for creating markets amongst low-income people in developing countries.

ORG by vio Featured on Trend HunterTrend Hunter Social Good: Rainforest Jewelry Collections
ORG by vio is a company that offers jewelry collections made by indigenous artisans in the Amazon rainforest. The goal, for the team, is to support the local economy while at the same time giving fair trade wages to the artisans they work with.

Pure Times features ORG by vio®
ORG by vio was created as an umbrella for promoting Amazon culture, protection of the rainforest and selling handmade jewelry and accessories made by indigenous Amazon artisans.

Organic Rainforest Goods in Thinking Fashion
Org by vio® is an inspiring initiative which works with indigenous artisans from the Amazon, to share their artistry, but also to develop designer collections, created from materials sourced in the rainforest. The collections include jewelry, bags and other eco fashion items. Better yet, you can shop online and the company ships worldwide. Find out more (or shop up a storm!) here.

Eco Divas: Indigenous Fashion
After years of dedicating her life to her own eco custom clothing, and working as senior designer for Patagonia for six years, Violeta Villacorta was inspired to use her skills in design with artisans from the Amazon, seeing the importance for these areas to remain intact and its cultures thriving to protect their territories from exploitation.

ORG by vio Founder & Designer Violeta Villacorta Ambassador of SistaEnableORG by vio Founder & Designer Violeta Villacorta Ambassador of SistaEnable
In 2012, Founder & Designer Violeta Villacorta became an Ambassador of SistaEnable. SistaEnable is the umbrella organization serving easy Internet access to local/global organizations promoting GENDER EQUAL RIGHTS, through the building of an Internet Information Platform aiming to reach, to educate and unite women worldwide. We cooperate with worldwide organizations, big as well as small.

The hand sign of W peacefully signal the world that Women Will promote gender equal rights, and the name SistaEnable (pronounced sustainable) encourages women to bond.

Burning Man 2012: Between the Wheel and the Fire, Voices in the Whirlwind
Writer Richard Power highlights Burners making a difference outside of Burning Man on his Blog, which includes Burning Man founder Larry Harvey. Violeta Villacorta talks about her work in the Amazon and what Burning Man stands for in We Are All One Tribe article.

Fall 2010 Fashion: Violeta Villacorta pages 86-90
Violeta Villacorta has the heart of a missionary with none of the ulterior motives. An unselfish desire to assist indigenous peoples of the world in order to internationally showcase their traditions, their arts, and their crafts blossoms from her South American roots.

G Company Spotlight: ORG by vio®
Tree Living interviewed designer Violeta Villacorta at Women of the Green Generation Conference in 2011, where she talks about her partnership with indigenous Amazon artisans to bring their traditional artistry to the world.


Violeta Villcorta on Pure Project
Specializing in custom clothing made with organic and natural materials, Violeta Villacorta is currently working on a creative design project in collaboration with indigenous communities in the Amazon, to promote their arts and crafts by incorporating their millenary work into contemporary designs as a means to generate a sustainable economy for the stewards of the most biodiverse ecosystem.

Violeta Villacorta and ORG by vio® on WeDharma
Violeta Villacorta shares her travels and work in the Amazon on video. Designer Violeta Villacorta travels back to the Cofán Community of Dureno in the Ecuadorian Amazon for a month in October 2010 to continue the creative project with the artisans.

Bel Esprit features ORG by Vio – Building Artisan Communities in the Amazon to Preserve the Culture and Environment on Donate Design
Donate Design promotes the work in communities around the world that develop sustainable businesses to provide a livelihood to disadvantaged people, offer alternative industries to those that destroy the local eco-system, and preserve the human rights to social justice and culture.  Donate Design introduces the work of Violeta Villacorta and the artisan communities in the Amazon.

Vogue Talente Violeta Villacorta. Sun Couture, Unique from Natural Materials: The Fashion From a Young Peruvian
German Vogue interviewed Eco Designer Violeta Villacorta in Miami in the early years of her design career. “Rustic Elegance is how Violeta Villacorta describes her creations.”

Paper Magazine:Violeta Villacorta in NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1995
Paper Magazine featured Violeta Villacorta’s Spring/Summer ’95 Collection during New York Fashion Week in 1995.

A Natural Talent: Violeta Villacorta. Rags to Riches
High-end fashion has been redefined by designer-artist and all-around creator Violeta Villacorta. This styler spins her fastidious finery from natural fibers, such as burlap, straw, wooden beads and assortment environment friendly materials.

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