New Yanesha Boho Jewelry

Tawny models the Glider Necklace

In 2013 ORG by vio started working with Yanesha artisans on a joint bio jewelry project with PaTS (Partnerships and Technology for Sustainability) organization and funded by IICA-Finland (Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture).

The Yanesha are master weavers and they have also learned how to sculpt wood from managed forests at the workshops we did with them from late 2013 to mid 2014. By using modern wood carving and traditional weaving techniques, together we have created gorgeous collections that are unique and modern.

You can read more on the Yanesha artisans and community here. See the stunning Yanesha collection here. Watch related videos here.

Using managed forest wood, which has been carefully selected, to create added value products like jewelry, furniture, bowls, among other items, helps generate about $2,000 per tree instead of selling a tree for a mere $100 for its wood alone. This is more beneficial to the artisans and their communities, as well as helps protect the rainforest from clear-cutting.