Philosophy We are living in an age of unparalleled opportunities as we are able to exchange dialogue between communities around the world, which were once unable to communicate the importance of their culture and traditions. Through the power of sustainable business we can promote the culture of these beautiful indigenous communities and environment, as well as provide sustainable opportunities to create lasting economic benefits and growth that are in par with sustainable development and community empowerment.

A holistic approach empowering communities by providing artisan-based opportunities which preserve the beauty and richness of the Amazon and its people.” Violeta Villacorta

The goal and mission of ORG by vio is to work with indigenous communities from around the World; take experts to train them in areas that will benefit the communities; to act as a conduit and share design skills and ties to relevant markets, as well as organizations working for the protection of the environment and advancement of indigenous rights while creating beautiful high quality products based on these cultures’ unique arts and crafts. By working with communities and sharing the tools that will allow them to run their businesses independently and become self-empowered, these communities can maintain their traditions while creating income and livelihoods to support their families and communities.

All this triggers the growth of a sustainable economy for the community based on the promotion of their arts and crafts, through innovation and design, while incorporating their millenary work into contemporary designs, as they remain authentic to their autochthonous artistry. At ORG by vio, we firmly believe that the cooperation of people is an indispensable element of building sustainability and creating powerful opportunities and partnerships around the world.

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