PROJECTS The projects aim to create viable and environmentally sustainable economies for indigenous Amazon communities, as an alternative to extractive industries, so they can remain as the stewards of the forests. Extractive industries have a long history of destruction and pollution in the Amazon, leaving a trail of devastation in its path from extraction to end product. Once an indigenous community has been disrupted by these industries, they are often left with no means to adjust to a new way of life and are unable to continue to live in their traditional way. Our projects support their culture, livelihood and self-determination. We develop lasting relationships and work in collaboration with artisans to ensure their needs are addressed, while we co-create beautiful designer and traditional collections of organic and handmade Amazon eco fashions and accessories for all of you to wear and enjoy.

Our Work:

  • Assess a community’s strengths and traditional livelihood to jointly develop a sustainable industry based on their traditional artistry.
  • Set up traditionally built facilities for artisans to have a place to develop and produce their goods.
  • Work with indigenous Amazon artisans to develop products and open markets that generate a sustainable economy for the communities, while protecting their culture and rainforests.
  • Design and develop products based on their traditional arts and local materials.
  • Train in quality and production to ensure consistency.
  • Train in business and marketing to run their own businesses independently.
  • Train in computer and internet.
  • Supply communities with materials, laptops, internet, electricity through sustainable sources, etc., where needed and available.
  • Fund production of goods.
  • Connect with luxury markets and designers looking to source the artisans’ work for their collections.
  • Exhibit and sell collections and traditional goods through wholesale and our online Shop.
  • Pay artisans fair wages, as well as share profits from the sale of goods with artisans through projects that support the artisans and their communities.
  • Ensure artisans and youth continue cultivating their arts and culture.
  • Promote the protection of indigenous Amazon culture and the rainforest within the communities, domestically and abroad.
  • Share sustainable solutions that harmonize with indigenous Amazon culture to enhance their way of life and address a community’s needs: electricity, drinking water, education, building techniques, communication technology, etc.

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