“Saving the Amazon One Seed at a Time. Amazon Boho Chic Eco Jewelry for the Love of People, Planet & Culture.”

ORG by vio® stands for Organic Rainforest Goods and spells GRO backwards, by vio is an acronym for Violeta (or Visionaries) and Indigenous Organizations.

Are you looking for sustainable fashion that suits your unique style?

Boho chic ORG by vio brings you bohemian jewelry for the gypsetter in you. Boho jewelry, boho chic fashion and eco-friendly jewelry handmade by artisans from the Amazon Rainforest for planet lovers who live, love, play and work around the world.

The ORG by vio brand was created as an umbrella for promoting Amazon culture, protecting the rainforest and selling unique, high quality fashion. We work in partnership with artisans in the Amazon who come to us to sell their traditional artistry, and develop designer collections made with rainforest materials as a source for a sustainable economy.

Each piece is handmade, crafted with love, care and precision by highly skilled artisans whose talents have been passed from generation to generation for centuries. Each is a beautiful work of art to be worn and to be collected.

We offer a selection of authentic, high quality, handcrafted rainforest jewelry, accessories and wearable art garments, as an alternative to the conventional jewelry and fashion industries. No mining went into the sourcing of these pieces of wearable art. Only seeds, plant fibers and materials, sustainably harvested in the rainforest where the artisans live, are used to handcraft every piece. We strive to make a difference one seed at a time… Seeds are gems, too!

The exquisite designs and traditional collections by the artisans we work with are brought to you as a token of the spirit of the rainforest. They reflect the purity, beauty, elegance and perfection of nature and feed your spirit with life energy. Every piece you wear is empowering and reflects your inner beauty in perfect balance.

How do your purchases make a difference?

Artisans are paid a fair trade price for each piece of jewelry and accessory. We also share profits with artisans through projects that address their needs to ensure their success. This funds the artisans’ projects and trainings that help them manage their businesses independently, enhancing their livelihood and community. We focus on artisans with whom we currently work, while reaching out to new artisans that invite us into their communities.

Why the Amazon?

The Amazon is one of the richest areas in the World, responsible for regulating World climate, plays a vital roll in carbon sequestration, has a rich biodiversity with countess medicinal plants ~ the backbone of pharmaceuticals with many more yet undiscovered species ~ and wildlife. It is a fragile area, which continues to be exploited for its resources, including oil, gas, minerals, lumber, arable land and clearing for cattle grazing. Its protection is important for the people, flora and fauna that inhabit it, as well as for the World. By creating viable and environmentally sustainable industries in partnership with Amazon communities, we support the livelihood and culture of these communities. They are vital to the health of the Amazon as they have been the protectors of the rainforest for centuries. We are committed to helping these areas remain intact and its cultures thriving.

The purchase of these high design and quality Amazon accessories contributes directly to Amazon communities and helps protect their culture and territories, allowing them to remain in their land as protectors of the forest and the planet.

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