Asociación Sukû is an organization of women artisans whose mission is to contribute and improve social, economic and cultural development of its members and the community, strengthening their cultural and spiritual identity through projects in agriculture, forestry, arts and crafts, and protection of the rainforest.

They live in the Ecuadorian Amazon in the Cofán Community of Dureno, along the Aguarico River in the province of Sucumbíos, amongst 40 families with a population of 500 people. The Cofán population totals around 1,500, down from 15,000 in the mid-16th century, with settlements spread throughout the Ecuadorian and Colombian Amazon.

All projects must go through FEINCE, The Federation of the Indigenous Nation of the Cofán of Ecuador, which ensures projects benefit the entire Cofán Community.

Violeta Villacorta works in partnership with Asociación Sukû artisans on accessories made with seeds and fibers grown in their community, creating beautiful high quality goods for discerning markets that generate higher revenue to benefit their community.

With the help of a number of contributors, designer Violeta Villacorta raised funds to build a creative work and show space for the Asociación Sukû artisans in the Cofán community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The funds allowed the set up of Asociación Sukû’s bank account, the purchase of laptops for the Arts Center, and the set up and monthly dues of internet service for the artisans. A computer and internet service in the community is beneficial for communication, sharing their culture with the outside World, as well as collaborating on designs and other needs. Funds also provided the opportunity to purchase tools, supplies and materials, as well as the creation of new collections of exquisite seed jewelry and chambira plant fiber goods. The Collection section showcases traditional accessories and collections designed in partnership with Asociación Sukû artisans: Kango, Sara, Ama and Cofán collections.

Visit the video section to watch videos of our work with Asociación Sukû.


Carolina Lucitante Quenama
Florinda Vargas Aguinda
Nancy Chapal Mendua
Solaida Mendua Vargas
Celida Lucitante Quenama
Victoria Lucitante
Omenda Fabiola Ortiz Quenama
Fluvia Aguinda Mashacori
Mary Grefa Mendua
Ronda Criollo Quenama

Silvia Queta Criollo
Sandra Vargas Mendua
Marina Aguinda Lucitante
Lucia Quenama Lucitante
Maria Queta Criollo
Aida Lucitante Quenama
Beatriz Chapal Mendua
Susana Chapal Mendua
Ortencia Aguinda Mashacori

Bertina Criollo Lucitante
Rebeca Mashacori Quenama
Gavina Aguinda Lucitante
Patricia Lucitante Quenama
Feliza Ortiz Quenama
Serafina Quenama Criollo
Elvira Criollo Queta
Cristina Quenama Criollo
Esperanza Criollo Quenama
Marcela Mendua Vargas

Gladyz Vargas Quenama
Zoraida Mendua Ortiz
Linda Ortiz Quenama
Maruja Criollo Quenama
Adriana Queta Lucitante
Herminia Queta Quenama
Elsa Mendua Quenama
Mery Queta Grefa
Romelia Mendua Omenda

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