AMARNO Internet Project

The AMARNO artisans are spearheading a project to install internet to help their community’s sustainable future by creating an alternative to the sale of rainforest trees. ORG by vio has been working with the talented Awajún women artisans that handcraft some of the beautiful jewelry and accessories in our shop, to help their families and community. The AMARNO artisans have partnered with ORG by vio, Groundwork Opportunities organization and Ecotribal to fundraise for the AMARNO Internet Project.

Please share with your family and friends and consider giving at ORG by vio’s Violeta Villacorta Champion page in support of the AMARNO Internet Project at Groundowork Opportunities organization. Contributing through here will help us tally donations that come from you through this fundraising page.

We also invite you to create your own Champion page to raise funds for this cause through your network at Groundwork Opportunities AMARNO Satnet Project’s fundraising page…Just click on the “Fundraise for this Idea” button. It’s a simple process.

100% of all tax-deductible donations will go directly to this cause. Together we can make this happen!