Amazon Gold Narrated by Sissy Spacek & Herbie Hancock

Amazon GoldA documentary narrated by Academy Award winners, Sissy Spacek and Herbie Hancock, Amazon Gold tells the story of a “clandestine journey that bears witness to the apocalyptic destruction of the rainforest in the pursuit of illegally mined gold.” Gold, precious metals, stones and minerals are a symbol of love, wealth, luxury, status, richness and beauty. They are beautiful raw materials from the Earth used in the making of jewelry. Jewelry that is bought as positive offerings and gifts. Yet, the process in which these resources are extracted is less than positive and highly harmful to people and ecosystems. Amazon Gold takes a deep look at one of the areas of the Amazon rainforest that continues to be exploited for its natural resources. Focusing on illegal gold mining, Amazon Gold shows the devastating results of a practice that pours vast amounts of mercury into rivers, contaminating all life in and along these waters, while spreading Amazon deforestation. Check for screenings in your area. Choose to accessorize with conflict-free eco jewelry made with recycled metals and non-mined resources. Visit our shop for unique plant-based eco jewelry.