Asociación Sukû at Traditional Cofán Cultural Chontaduro Event

On April 6 & 7, Asociación Sukû artisans participated in the Traditional Cofán Cultural Chontaduro Event in the community of Cofán Dureno in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Here are some photos of the artisans who performed dances and sold their traditional arts and crafts. ORG by vio® was there in spirit as we sponsored updates in their arts and crafts center. See more photos of the artisans in traditional costume at the two day event.

Asociación Sukû artisans at their booth in front of their Artisans Center.

Asociación Sukû artisans in front of their Artisan Center.

Ortencia Aguinda, current Asociación Sukû President. Each year Asociación Sukû artisans select a new president and treasurer to rotate the responsibilities among the artisans.

Asociación Sukû artisans on stage.

Emergildo Criollo, President of Cofán Dureno Community and master artisan, with microphone at center wearing a red scarf.

Asociación Sukû artisans at work in their Artisans Center.