Great TED Talk on the “Future” of Energy by Amory Lovins

Great talk on the “future” of energy. The future is NOW! Let’s do this! An optimistic plan on how we can eliminate the need for oil – and all dirty resources – and use the power of real clean alternatives to fuel or lives.

Many Amazon communities deal with extraction, be it oil, gas, lumber, gold, etc. The companies that exploit their territories and the fragile rainforest are often unaccountable for the devastation they leave in the process. These communities are left vulnerable and disrupted from their natural way of life, often leading to fatal illnesses and birth defects from spills and contamination. By choosing real clean energy, we can play an important roll in shifting the old ways to a new clean and conscious future, where our planet is not merely used by parasitic industries, but where we are able to protect it and live in harmony with nature for generations to come.

I am an avid promoter and user of alternatives. After converting my home in 2005 to a less than Zero Energy Home (ZEH) – by installing a photovoltaic system, solar water heater, skylights, PVC-free reflecting cool roof, canceling gas service, making it an energy producing home while giving back the 2/3 excess to the grid – I saw how we can turn things around and make a difference with our actions, be it personal or systemic. We have unlimited resources from the sun, wind, ocean, geothermal, etc. No need to extract, transport, refine and deliver dirty energy that leaves trails of devastation and creates pollution. The clean alternatives have always been with us. We just have to make the right choices NOW.” Violeta Villacorta