Honoring Earth Day

OnApril 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. Though Earth Day is every day, the 22nd is a day when we can all focus our attention to move the world forward into implementing sustainable solutions, so that we can help reduce the effects of climate change and leave a healthy planet for generations to come.

Some are spending millions to deny the reality of climate change and the fact that we are causing it by our extensive use of fossil fuels, toxic chemicals, forest wood, meat consumption, water misuse, etc., individually and as nations. We all depend on natural resources. While it should be a symbiotic experience, we take way more than we give back. We must all choose consciously and mindfully for a healthy planet where we can all live in harmony.

In this interview with Imran Amed, founder and editor-in-chief of The Business of Fashion, Stella McCartney speaks about the fashion industry, its role as a world polluter and how fashion can steer toward sustainability.

For more on what we can do in our own lives to lessen our consumption and carbon footprint, check this Facts & Tips section.

Happy Earth Day Every Day!