Join the Fashion Revolution #InsideOut on 04.24.14

Iwas honored when friend and colleague Sass Brown, author of Eco Fashion and her newest book Refashioned, invited me to join the Fashion Revolution campaign in support of the people who make our clothes and all fashion items. As a designer of sustainable clothing and fashion since 1993 and through my work with Amazon artisans, this is a movement that I stand behind 100%. – Vio

Started in the UK, it is growing into a global movement as more people want to know who makes their clothes, accessories, shoes and all fashion items… and more companies are adding ethical and sustainable practices into their ethos.

On April, 24th, 2014, the one year anniversary of one of the worst disasters in recent years in the apparel industry, fashion leaders, factory workers, producers, activists, academics, press, consumers, cotton farmers will come together to remember the victims of Rana, Bangladesh and change our fashion future.

Fashion Revolution Day April 24th, 2014
We have lost the connection with the clothes that we wear. It is important to make this first day about transparency and reconnecting the relationships in the fashion value chain. What is the connection to someone else through your clothes? The farmers do not know where their cotton goes; the producers no longer make entire garments, they are just line workers; and the end consumer rarely knows where their clothes were made.

Fashion Revolution Day is an opportunity to celebrate fashion as a positive influence, raise awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues and show that change is possible. We intend to rally fast fashion, luxury, innovators, media, the public, activists, makers, wearers – and everyone in between. You can learn more at Fashion Revolution USA and Fashion Revolution UK.

Join the Fashion Revolution movement and on April 24th, wear your clothes #insideout. Take pictures, tweet them and post them with the #InsideOut and @Fash_Rev hashtags to bring awareness to the issues in the fashion industry and Get Involved.

There will be events throughout the world on April 24th. If you’d like to attend one check this link to see if there will be one near you.

In the LA area, you can attend EcoDivas Shorts & Sizzle Festival for Fashion Revolution Day from 7pm – 10pm at Newberry Lofts, 900 E. 1st St. #307, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Visit Eventbrite event page for tickets.

Enter the photo contest and win beautiful clothes and accessories from Fashion Revolution partner brands, including ORG by vio.

Fashion Revolution Photo Contest

Photos and video courtesy of Fashion Revolution.