Journey back to the Awajun

I recently wrote an article for Groundwork Opportunities, where I share about my latest trip to visit the Awajun and work with the artisans of AMARNO association. The AMARNO artisans are a delightful and highly talented women’s collective working to improve their lives, their families’ and communities’ future by embracing their ancestral artistry and entrepreneurial spirit. The video, featured here and in the article, is part of their fundraising campaign to install internet in their community, which will benefit the artisans, teachers, students, doctors and the community as a whole.  – Vio

Here is an excerpt:

“After a long ride, we finally arrived to our destination. Without a moment to rest, we were escorted to the artisans’ center, where the Awajun artisans were already waiting for us. Energized by simply making it there and seeing everyone, we were ready to begin.

Claudia Almeida Paukai, the current President of the AMARNO artisans’ association, led the group. They had arranged all the beautiful jewelry and accessories (I had ordered a month earlier) on the tables. Each piece was a work of art – I am always impressed by the beauty and precision of their artistry…”

Read the full article on GO.