Urge President Correa to Uphold Rights of Nature

Protect the Jaguar & the Amazon

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recent call with Cofán artisan and key contact, Silvia Queta, in Ecuador, she was very concerned with the new threat of oil exploration in their land and other indigenous communities. The Cofán have been battling for justice for the disastrous damage left by Texaco for almost 20 years, now owned by Chevron. Chevron continues to fight back so they never have to pay the $19 billion in damages awarded to the communities that suffered from oil contamination in their territories. In 2008, Ecuador became the first country to honor the Rights of Nature under President Rafael Correa. Yet, indigenous communities in Ecuador continue to struggle for the protection of mother earth and their territories. A new plan to bring oil speculators to look at 4 million hectares of rainforest is on the horizon, which would be devastating for many communities. This is happening in a country that has a law in place for the protection of nature and a supposedly green president. We ask you to sign the petition and add your name to urge Ecuadorian President Correa to uphold his commitment to protect nature and stop oil exploitation in the Amazon. Visit www.avaaz.org.