ORG by vio: The Eco Jewelry Alternative

Awajún Enkepa Beaded Necklace. ORG by vio Fine Beaded Eco Jewelry. Handmade Eco Fashion by Amazon Artisans.
Historically people have adorned themselves, not as a necessity, but as self-expression. From the beginning humans wore Eco jewelry, a sustainable way of adorning oneself. With the introduction of mined metals and precious stones, people moved away from earth friendly personal decoration. Now is the time to be mindful of the impact that our actions have on the planet. As intelligent human beings we have an opportunity to make an informed choice. When we select a precious metal or stone we have to educate ourselves about how it’s made and where the materials come from. This awareness helps us make informed choices that steer human kind into a sustainable way of being.

At ORG by vio® we offer an alternative to the conventional jewelry and fashion industries by producing our collections in collaboration with talented Amazon artisans and using all sustainable rainforest materials. We believe in supporting and empowering women in the Amazon rainforest, while giving them a platform for their exquisite artistry. The sale of their artful, handmade, earth friendly jewelry and fashion can bring a much higher return for their families. Our goal is to help these communities keep their forests standing through the sales of their value added products.

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