Ashaninka Style on Paris Runway

Vivienne Westwood & husband Andreas Kronthaler on Paris runway wearing an Ashaninka Cushma Tunic & Awajún Enkepa Breastplate. Get yours @ ORG by vio Boho Jewelry

Vivienne Westwood & husband Andreas Kronthaler strut down the Paris runway in authentic Ashaninka Cushma tunics styled with Ashaninka and Awajun accessories, including the beautiful Awajun Enkepa Breastplate. She visited the Ashaninka community in the Peruvian Amazon with partners from Ecotribal and NGO Cool Earth and is voicing her support for the rainforest, its cultures and the environment. GET YOUR ASHANINKA CUSHMA  and AWAJUN ENKEPA BREASTPLATE on our online shop! Read it here. Watch the video and see photos. Photo: AP.