We are 100% Wind Powered!

In 2011, ORG by vio launched its website hosted by Canvas Host, a wind powered hosting service. This month our store, the Sage & the Butterfly, an extension of the ORG by vio brand, partnered with Arcadia Power to service our location with 100% wind power.

ORG by vio is committed to creating beautiful, earth friendly jewelry and wearable art, working with Amazon rainforest artisans who live in fragile Amazon areas affected by extractive multinational projects, such as fossil fuel extraction, gold mining, logging, as well as by mass agriculture and cattle farming. All of which disrupt the balance of nature and their livelihood. Through our work, we help generate a sustainable income for the stewards of the forest and biodiversity, as an alternative to the sale of rainforest trees.

Our dedication to a healthy planet extends into every aspect of our business. We are proud to partner with Arcadia Power to become a 100% clean energy business. Our brick + mortar now uses renewable electricity and our business has been recognized by the EPA as an EPA Green Power Partner. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable practices and the resources we use on Our Mission page.

Arcadia Power is the first nationwide Clean Energy utility option. By partnering with wind and solar projects, Arcadia Power provides homes and businesses with 100% pollution-free energy via local utilities. Members support their values through their monthly electricity bills, decreasing demand for fossil fuels and helping to grow American jobs. Arcadia Power partners with sustainability-minded companies and organizations to combat climate change and secure a better future for our planet. For more information and to sign up, visit www.arcadiapower.com.

Interested in clean energy? Visit Arcadia Power for your business or home, and Canvas Host for your website.