Women United

Women UniteI have just returned from three weeks in Peru. It was yet another inspiring trip filled with creativity, unity and love. I am still going through a number of pictures of my time with the Yanesha and the Awajún in the Amazon rainforest.

We did trainings and designed new collections with the Yanesha. It was beautiful to see how the artisans incorporated their traditional artistry and developed their skills with new techniques that we shared with them. We will soon have gorgeous Yanesha collections.

Then, I was off to visit the Awajún (pictured above), where we gathered to talk about a number of issues that we are committed to tackle, including design trainings, intellectual property, creating their own brand and installing Internet in their community.

I look forward to sharing more through photos and stories on an upcoming blog post on GO, where we are doing a campaign to raise funds to bring Internet to the Awajún artisans and community. – Vio